“Soul Shift” offers not only a spectacular, fast-paced, and very witty adventure around our two strong-willed friends. The series also shows that alongside purely physical forms of life there is a definitely metaphysical dimension to all life, something that truly bonds us all and makes life in the universe possible in the first place.

Beings are in charge of breathing life into everything who, for the sake of simplicity, we’ve called “Souls”. In this way, the series offers possible answers to such eternal questions as: What is the meaning of life? And how the universe came about? In the course of the series we watch, open-mouthed, what fantastic not to say wondrous evolutionary paths “life” can take: the evolution from single-cell organisms to reptiles and on to mammals – but also spectacular, almost inconceivable creatures that you’ll only ever get to see in “Soul Shift”.

The Cast

Our main protagonists, our ‘heroes’ are Evolution Manager Dew-Blue and his friend a soul called Sunny Yellow. And then there’s Glitter, Sunny Yellow’s protégé.

“Soul Shift” stands out for an exceptionally imaginative and yet highly hierarchical cast. Alongside the Almighty and his entourage there are two management levels of so-called Evolution Managers. Among the latter there are, in turn, those who keep the “Wheel of Evolution” turning: the “souls”, of course! In addition to the main characters there are over a 100 mainly unique, fantastic and hitherto unknown manifestations of the souls. The excellent quality of the animation comes into its own in the figures’ highly expressive poses and incredible gestures.

The World

There’s much to be discovered in the “Soul Shift” universe: We can watch the first attempts by life to evolve from protozoa up the many branches of the tree to higher, in part highly exotic beings. In the souls’ own world, we will inevitably find ourselves gawping at their strange buildings, vehicles, apartments, and workplaces. The souls’ assembly rooms serve not only communication, but also leisure and doble up as canteens. In addition to familiar accessories, futuristic technology abounds, among other places in the Evolution Managers’ command HQs. The design of the worlds stands out for the great degree of detailing. Even the most refined of structures are visible “close-up”, giving the worlds a self-explanatory touch of their very own.

Props and Gadgets

Needless to say, the “Soul Shift” world is filled with unmistakable gadgets. To name but a few: The Wheel of Incarnation, the portal buses that handle transportation, and the Holo-TV sets. All developed with loving attention to detail and with marvelously precise functions.