Last time we talked about the diligent Dew-Blue and his role in the world of Soul Shift, but between us, his side-kick and best friend Sunny-Yellow might be equally if not more important in the grand scheme of the universe. This mellow fellow is not only yellow but also very tired of the bustling chaos of reincarnation, nagging neighbors and the deterioration of soul-kind. He just wants to lay back in his den and smoke his pipe in peace.

Sunny-Yellow and Dew-Blue besides each other.

Laid back but still a stand-up guy

Don’t let Sunny-Yellows grumpy and fed-up attitude fool you, his true character shines through when it matters. He is extremely loyal and caring for his friends, although he would never admit to it. 

His friendship with Dew-Blue is a great example: they’ve been friends for eons and have gone through thick and thin together, and besides the complaining and snarky comments, Dew-Blue could always rely on Sunny-Yellow to have his back. Which is a lot, as Dew-Blue isn’t one to back down from an argument with the Almighty.

He doesn’t make a good babysitter…

…and yet he still got stuck with Glitter, the adorable, newly created soul that doesn’t yet have a grasp on the whole incarnation thing and is in dire need of guidance. 

You might think that Dew-Blue would be a better fit as a role-model, but truth be told, Sunny-Yellow could have just what it takes to help Glitter become a well-adjusted part of soul-ciety – even if he himself doesn’t know that yet. Either way, someone’s gotta do the job and even though Sunny-Yellow is a fan of complaining, he never lets his friends down.