It’s time to finally introduce one of the major players in Soul Shift’s Universe: hardworking, courageous and intelligent – The fan-favorite Dew-Blue!

As an evolution manager, Dew-Blue is tasked with watching over a given planet and guiding the evolutionary direction of its organisms to ensure they (and the souls within them) are thriving. But with each individual come different ways to handle things. While other evolution managers prefer to play it safe with lichen and fungi, Dew-Blue goes all in for the chance to create the perfect planet, which is why incarnating under him has the tendency to be very exciting.


To the Almighty’s disdain, Dew-Blue prefers to let organisms run free and flourish – which often leads to the formation of civilizations.

Civilizations are frowned upon under the Almighty’s reign because they often lead to unpredictable outcomes and can pose a danger to themselves and others. The main reason why they are not outright forbidden is that the quality of life and working conditions of all incarnating souls, are highest under Dew-Blue, which is partly due to him letting civilizations flourish. This means that the almighty has to let Dew-Blue proceed in his endeavors, as he has a strong backing among the population.

The feeling is mutual, however, as Dew-Blue does not agree to how the almighty is running the center of the universe, which often leads to repeated headbutting between the two. The only reason things haven’t escalated yet might be due to Sunny-Yellows interference now and then.

Dew Blue
Dew-Bue und Sonnengelb

Sidekick and Best Friend

Sunny-Yellow, who will soon get his very own post, is often found alongside Dew-Blue and can be seen as the yin to his yang. While Dew-Blue is hardworking, daring and creative, Sunny-Yellow is grumpy, withdrawn and tired of everyone’s – essence. 

They just compliment each other as you would expect an eon-long friendship to. However, one might say that Sunny-Yellow is more clear-headed when it comes to dealing with the almighty than Dew-Blue and has helped him steer away from escalating another argument.

Of course there’s more to lean about the exemplary Dew-Blue, but you will know all about him once Soul Shift has aired. Stay tuned for further entries on the different characters inhabiting the world of Soul Shift.