Portals are a vital technology in the world of Soul Shift, allowing for easy travel and communication through the universe. But not all portals are made the same!

There are four types of portals that the souls use daily, each with its unique function and purpose.

The first type of portal is the incarnation portal. These portals are found at the incarnation center of each planet and are used by the souls to incarnate. After the soul enters, they get transported to the chosen planet and inhabit the lifeform that was determined beforehand.

The second type of portal is the arrival portal, also found at the incarnation center. When a soul’s time as incarnation has ended (often times in a quick and brutal manner), they get transported to an arrival portal, back at the incarnation center. From here they can either quit their shift and head home or start the cycle anew.

If the soul decides to go home, they might want to use the third type of portal: the transport portal. They are used by the souls to move quickly from one point to another within the center of the universe. Transport portals are often situated on portal buses and help the souls get from home to work or other destinations almost instantly.

The fourth type of portal is the world window, and it operates rather differently from the rest. These portals serve a similar function to screens here on earth. They can transmit information and footage throughout the universe and have many uses, such as communication and entertainment.

Now that we have looked at the different kinds of portals, where did they come from?

The souls themselves don’t invent new technologies, so they are technically not the answer. However, once the souls incarnate, the creativity of the lifeforms they inhabit can run wild, which frequently leads them to developing new gadgets. After the soul’s time ends (again, typically in a rather gruesome way) they like to take items with them to the center of the universe, either for personal use or as memorabilia. The same happened with the portals, however, due to its incredible usability it quickly spread and became a vital part of the everyday life of the souls.

And there we have it. The history and use of portals. Stay tuned for future entries, where we will look at more technologies, characters, and planets in the world of Soul Shift!